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Orphan & Family Care

The Need:
An estimated 340,000 orphans exist today in Sierra Leone.  Most of these are living in extreme poverty and/or on the streets. 

Project Restore Hope Activities:  Buckner International, a global organization with expertise in providing care and resources for at-risk children throughout the world, will initially establish and manage a foster/kinship care program in Sierra Leone.   Under this strategy, Buckner will attempt to identify and place the orphan with a grandparent, other close relative, or someone else who is emotionally close to the child.   Systematic and proven processes will be followed to identify and approve the foster/kinship household and monitor the child’s progress to ensure that fundamental needs are being met.  Benefits of this program include:

  • Reunifies the family
  • Allows for quicker implementation
  • Leverages existing infrastructure and resources to impact higher numbers of children

In addition to Buckner’s foster/kinship care program, an orphan sponsorship program has been established to help connect orphan sponsors in America with disadvantaged children living in orphanages in Sierra Leone.   Orphan sponsors will supply financial aid to the orphans, and the sponsors and the orphans will exchange periodic letters.  The program will provide immediate help to the disadvantaged children, providing them what they need the most to emerge from their conditions:  food, education, spiritual enrichment, and enhanced self-esteem.

What Can You Do?

    Pray – Pray for the children of Sierra Leone, particularly for the thousands who are homeless and living in poverty.

    Time – Contact Buckner International to identify ways you can become involved with the foster/kinship programs in Sierra Leone.

    Resources – Sponsor an existing orphan in Sierra Leone, providing minimal financial resources that may have a significant impact on the life of a needy child.

Learn more about sponsoring an orphan child in Sierra Leone.

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