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Healthcare Enhancement

The Need:
The average life span in Sierra Leone is 37-40 years of age.  Less than 40% of the population has access to healthcare. The infant mortality rate in Sierra Leone is among the highest in the world. Project Restore Hope will provide Sierra Leoneans with much-needed medical and dental care as well as bringing nursing and midwifery education. 

Project Restore Hope Activities:
Project Restore Hope has already placed a dentist and registered nurse in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Gabriel Herrera is working to establish a dental ministry to bring oral health and education  to the people of Sierra Leone. This will be achieved through the implementation of basic dentistry which includes cleanings, fillings, and extractions as well as dental education in orphanages, schools and in local communities.  This ministry will also facilitate and host visiting dental professionals as they provide clinical and educational services to the people of Sierra Leone.

A medical ministry will be established to provide medical care and education to the people of Sierra Leone.  Project Restore Hope staff will help assist and facilitate medical teams which will conduct basic medical examinations and procedures.  In addition, these teams may provide training and education for:

  • Accredited Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Clinic Enhancement
  • Medication and Equipment

Project Restore Hope partners include the Schools of Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington and Baylor University.

What Can You Do?

    Pray – Pray for the welfare, health, and safety of Sierra Leoneans.  Also, pray for the medical and dental teams that will be travelling to Sierra Leone to educate, treat, and minister to the people there.

    Time – Utilize your dental or medical expertise by volunteering to serve in Sierra Leone for 1-2 weeks, providing clinical and/or educational services.

    Resources – Provide financial support or medical/dental equipment, supplies, or medicine.

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