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Global Connection Partnership Network (GCPN) dba
Restore Hope

The University of Texas at Arlington, The Africa Program
Founded in 1994 , the Africa Program’s mission is to promote business, educational and technological relationships between Africa and the State of Texas. Believing that education is key in realizing the human resource potential that is essential for Africa’s overall development, the program emphasizes educational links between Africa and Texas as well as academic partnerships that will enrich both Texas and African educational institutions. Directed by Sierra Leonean, Dr. Alusine Jalloh, the Africa Program is currently focusing on the enhancement of educational systems in the country of Sierra Leone through the development of a School of Social Work at Fourah Bay College, Feetown. Project Restore Hope will utilize the university students in meeting social infrastructure needs, and developing academic partnerships between Texas and Sierra Leonean universities.

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work
The mission of the UT Arlington School of Social Work is to advance knowledge, pursue excellence, provide leadership and service for enhancing well being, and to promote social and economic justice and cultural competence with diverse cultures. The UT Arlington School of Social Work’s vision is to promote human and community well being and social and economic justice in a diverse society. Using the UTA Center for Child Welfare as a model, the School of Social Work will assist in the development of a similar center in Sierra Leone.

The University of Texas at Arlington College of Engineering
The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Engineering provides one of the most comprehensive engineering programs in North Texas and the nation, with eight baccalaureate programs, 14 master’s and 10 doctorates. It is the third largest engineering college in Texas, with about 35,00 students. By offering graduate students an opportunity to participate in partnership with the Africa Program of UTA, students can participate in greater global good that will serve to benefit another nation while utilizing their developing skills.

J.R. Ministries
A U.S.-based non-profit organization organized by James Richardson, M.D.,Ph.D., F.A.C.C., of Arlington, Texas, which focuses on providing global medical ministries to populations in need. The role of J.R. Ministries in Project Restore Hope, Sierra Leone, involves an effort to obtain medical equipment, coordinate medical partnership efforts, enhance existing clinics/hospitals and establish community medical ministry to serve orphans and local community.

Global Ministries, First Baptist Church of Arlington
Characterized by a broad range of global investments, Global Ministries of FBCA has developed extensive medical, dental, and transformational ministries that utilize professional volunteers and cross-cultural workers across the globe. Realizing the potential of volunteerism, Global Ministries channels hundreds of volunteers annually to meet human needs, offer education and training, and equip others with knowledge and skills for life transformation. Directed by Jerimiah Smith, Global Ministries will provide volunteers to assist in partnership efforts.

The Evangelical College of Theology (TECT)
Based in Jui, Sierra Leone, this Evangelical College offers accredited certificate level training in social work and bachelor’s level training in family ministry.  TECT is currently providing office space for Global Connection Partnership Network on their Jui campus.  In the Restore Hope partnership, TECT has contributed land for a multi-purpose building to house guest faculty, volunteers, partners, personnel, medical clinic, dental clinic, computer education lab and conferencing/training facilities to serve Restore Hope partners and the surrounding communities.  TECT students and faculty are valuable partners in addressing the needs of families, orphans and communities in the post-war nation.

Sierra Leone Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Services
The Ministry of Social Welfare has provided strategic plans for addressing homeless children and orphan needs in post-war Sierra Leone. Working under guidelines provided by UNICEF and the United Nations, this ministry has provided guidance from a partnership perspective. Compliance of all partners to Social Welfare guidelines will be essential in addressing the social needs of the nation.

Christian Faith Rescue Mission
This orphanage was established by Honorable Reverend Marie Yansaneh during the war and currently houses 60 orphans. Reverend Yansaneh currently serves in Parliament and is instrumental in addressing social infrastructural needs, particularly as they relate to children.

Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone
Realizing that higher education is the primary resource of addressing and resolving social issues, the faculty and administration of Fourah Bay College have entered into partnership with University of Texas at Arlington for the purpose of establishing a Social Work Degree and Diploma Program on the campus of Fourah Bay College in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. This will be the first program of this nature in the country.

Baylor University, Louise Herrington School of Nursing
Faculty and students from the Louise Herrington School of Nursing at Baylor University care about people in need.  The Family Nurse Practitioner program has a mission emphasis to prepare registered nurses to better deliver care on the mission field in an advanced practice role. With a commitment to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people, Louise Herrington School of Nursing is implementing ministries through the Restore Hope: Sierra Leone partnership to include nursing education, community health education, health evaluation/treatment for orphans, and education/practice for graduate prepared advance practice nurses to include both family nurse practitioner and nurse midwife students.  Faculty collaboration with the North Texas Africa Health Initiative (NTAHI) and UTA has led to a Center for Nursing Excellence in East Africa being developed to build nursing capacity.  Exploration for the development of a comparable West Africa Center for Nursing Excellence in cooperation with NTAHI and UTA will be explored.

Rush Creek Consulting, Inc
Rush Creek Consulting, Inc. is a Civil/Environmental Engineering consulting firm that specializes in air and water resources.  Richard Smith, P.E. the firm’s President has over 40 years experience in water resource development, water quality control, water supply and treatment, air and water quality permitting, and risk management/security of water utilities.  Rush Creek Consulting will be working with other Restore Hope partners to address water resource needs in underserved Sierra Leone communities.

The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing
UT Arlington’s College of Nursing (SON) prepares quality nurse health care providers through excellence in education, scholarship, and service. UT Arlington SON has a long history of international scholarship and service with faculty and students involved in projects in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Uganda, and India. Through the North Texas Africa Health Initiative (NTAHI), a partnership effort with the UT Arlington Africa Program, faculty and students have visited Uganda three times, hosted a high-ranking Rwandan delegation, and visited Rwanda. To provide continuing education and technical support, the Uganda team of NTAHI is launching a Center for Nursing Excellence in East Africa. This project in Uganda will serve as a model for the development of a similar program in Sierra Leone to serve the English-speaking countries in West Africa.  In addition, the College of Nursing plans to be involved in the Restore Hope: Sierra Leone partnership in the areas of nursing research, nursing education, community health education, clinical evaluation/treatment for orphans, and outcome evaluation.

The Sisters of Sierra Leone of North Texas
The Sisters of Sierra Leone of North Texas is a non-profit organization founded by women residing in the Dallas Metroplex with roots or ties to Sierra Leone. This group was formed with a collective dedication to aid displaced women and children victimized by the war in Sierra Leone. The vision of The Sisters of Sierra Leone of North Texas is to contribute to the redevelopment and rehabilitation of the nation by giving assistance to various communities, and empowering and enabling the leaders of these communities to return to a life of productivity and purpose. The Sisters of Sierra Leone of North Texas has been actively involved in providing medical help to amputees, adopting and supporting displaced children, and providing educational resources, clothing, and food to war victims. We have partnered with groups such as the Africa Program at the University of Texas at Arlington, Mercy Ships, and Daystar. Our long-term goals include establishing mobile clinics, micro lending, housing for displaced women and children, and continued sustenance to the maternity hospitals. We are confident that with partnership and commitment, these positive and progressive efforts may become a reality for every Sierra Leonean victimized by war.


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