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Mile 91 Community Background

The children shown on this page are all orphans in Sierra Leone and live in and around the Mile 91 Community, in central Sierra Leone.  Mile 91 gets it name from the fact that it is exactly 91 kilometers away from Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone.  Mile 91 is vital in bridging the rest of the country to Freetown. The diverse population is roughly 25,000 people comprised of small numbers of all the tribes of the country.

Those living in the Mile 91 Community are generally poor with income generating activities primarily consisting of subsistence gardening (e.g. farming), small businesses, and petty trading.  Due to its strategic location at the crossroads of Sierra, the Mile 91 Community was frequently attacked by rebels during the civil war who burned homes and killed residents indiscriminately. Families, fleeing their homes in panic, were separated from their children. Even though the war has ended, the many orphans and extreme poverty left by the war at Mile 91 present a large challenge.  A small Baptist church in Mile 91, under the leadership of local Pastor Tanu Suaray, has ministered to the needs of over 150 of these orphaned and abandoned children.  The church members set up a foster care program to place these disadvantaged children in foster homes, provide them with one meal each day, and get them enrolled in a local school.  This ministry is highly effective but needs more resources to care for so many orphans.  Even with all the current efforts of the small church to meet the needs of these orphans, many are living in deplorable conditions and lack education because of a lack of funding.   Sponsors are needed who will share and support the orphan care in Mile 91.

The Restore Hope Project’s Orphan Sponsorship Program is now partnering with this effort to help connect Sponsors like you with the most needy and desperate orphans there. 

Impact on Lives of At-Risk Children:
One orphaned junior high school age child in Mile 91 who is valedictorian of her class put it this way, “If it were not for the Pastor who pulled me from the streets and gave me a place to stay and a chance to go to school, I would be dead today.”  This testimony is common.

The Mile 91 Orphans
Through an on-site non-residential orphan program established by Pastor Suaray, (Orphans in Need Ministry, Sierra Leone) there are many child orphans in the Mile 91 Community who have been identified.

Some of the most at-risk Mile 91 Orphans are shown on this page who are in need of immediate Sponsorship to holistically improve their living, social, educational, health and physical conditions. 

Pastor Tanu Suaray and community volunteers are active in identifying and helping the orphans.   They personally visit with the Mile 91 orphans, their care-takers (such as Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, or Foster Parents) on a regular basis.  GCPN and the Restore Hope Project Orphan Sponsorship Program work directly with and through local partners in Sierra Leone to ensure the orphan aid is being effectively administered and fully reported.

Thank You!
Your love can save a life!

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