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Waterloo Community Background

The children shown on this page are all orphans in Sierra Leone and live in and around Waterloo. Waterloo is the second largest city in the Western Area of Sierra Leone and a suburb of Freetown. The population of Waterloo is estimated at 20,000. Waterloo lies just 18 miles east of Freetown, the capital city. During its history, leaders have emerged from Waterloo who have excelled in varied fields; including Justice C.O. E. Cole (the first president of the Republic of Sierra Leone).


However, the Waterloo community was shattered by the outbreak of a civil war in the 1990s, during which Rebel warriors pillaged and ravaged homes, schools, churches, offices, and government buildings. As the inhabitants fled the deadly pursuits of these rebel warriors, the once thriving Waterloo community was reduced to an enclave of poverty and under-development. Today, there are efforts to restore the socio-economic stability and infrastructure of Waterloo that existed before the war. Like the country of Sierra Leone in general, however, Waterloo faces many serious social and economic challenges. Very high rates of poverty, malaria, and infant mortality exist, and there are high numbers of disadvantaged children and orphans present in the population. Continued efforts are needed to provide improved educational opportunities for these children.

The Waterloo Orphans
The Waterloo Orphans are the children currently shown on the Waterloo Orphans page who are in need of GCPN sponsorship to holistically improve their living, social, educational, health and physical conditions. GCPN partners directly with Rev. Samuel Kargbo and his wife Emma, through their NEEDEP organization (New Era Evangelism and Development Program) to oversee the aid and social work directly benefitting the orphans and their caretakers. Rev. Kargbo, who is a community developer and local pastor, holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree in Christian Education and a Masters of Education Degree in Educational Administration. Pastor Samuel and Emma's passion involves helping and showing love to disadvantaged children. They have four children of their own, all boys.

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