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Kissy Community Background

The children shown on this page are all orphans in Sierra Leone and live in and around the Looking Town Community of Kissy (pronounced Kee-See), a suburb of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone.  The housing conditions in the Kissy community are very poor with leaking roofs, dirt floors, and poor toilet and water facilities.  The community has a population of about 10 thousand people with no tap water supply.  The people get their drinking water from water wells that are not properly treated.  Unemployment is very high, with a growing number of destitute children and street children.  During the rebel invasion in Freetown in 1999 thousands of people were killed, leaving many children as orphans.

The Kissy community has one small health clinic with very limited medical treatment, and one school, The New Era School, which is the only organization currently working in the community to alleviate the suffering of the people.

The New Era School
The New Era School was founded by Rev. Samuel G.A. Kargbo who grew up in the Kissy community himself, The New Era School came into establishment on the 13th of April, 1999 just months after the January 6th, 1999 rebel invasion of Freetown. 

The invasion left a devastating effect on the city as thousands were killed, some amputated, women raped, and hundreds of houses burned to the ground.  Against this background, The New Era School has endeavored to provide assistance to the destitute children and disadvantaged youths to alleviate their predicament.

The New Era School caters to destitute children and currently provides education (grades K-12) for approximately 360 children, all in one building.  Additionally, through an on-site non-residential orphan program, many child orphans in the Kissy community have been identified who’s living and social conditions are deplorable.

The Kissy Orphans
The Kissy Orphans are the children currently shown on the Kissy Orphans  page who are in need of GCPN sponsorship to holistically improve their living, social, educational, health and physical conditions. 

Rev. Samuel Kargbo remains active in The New Era School, especially as it relates to the orphan program that he and his wife Emma personally oversee, visiting with the orphans and their caretakers on a weekly basis.  Rev. Kargbo, who is a community developer and local pastor, holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree in Christian Education and a Masters of Education Degree in Educational Administration.  He and his wife’s passion involve helping and showing love to disadvantaged children.  They have four children of their own, all boys.

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