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Bo Community Background

The children shown on this page are all orphans in Sierra Leone and live in and around Bo.  Bo is the second largest city in Sierra Leone (after the capital, Freetown) and the largest city in South-Eastern Sierra Leone. The city is located in the Southern Province and lies 155 miles (by road) south-east of Freetown. Bo serves as the capital and administrative center of Bo District. After Freetown, Bo is the leading educational, transportational, commercial and cultural center of Sierra Leone, with a current population of approximately 215,000.

The population of the city is ethnically and culturally diverse. The city is home to a significant number of virtually all of the country's ethnic groups, though the Mende people make up the largest ethnic group.

The city is home to the Christ the King College, one of the most prominent colleges in Sierra Leone. Bo is also home to the The Bo Government Secondary School (commonly known as Bo School), which is one of the biggest and most prominent secondary schools in Sierra Leone.  The school has a history of producing some of Sierra Leon's most gifted students, including some of the country's senior politicians.  Bo has government, Christian, and Muslim schools, a main library, and teacher-training.

Bo serves as the commercial hub of the interior of Sierra Leone.  Bo trades in palm oil and kernels, ginger, coffee, cocoa, and rice, which are transported mainly by road to Freetown. 

Despite its status as Sierra Leone’s second largest city and educational center, Bo, like the country in general, faces many serious social and economic challenges.  Very high rates of poverty, malaria, and infant mortality exist, and there are high numbers of disadvantaged children and orphans present in the population.

The Bo Town Orphans
Pastor Sahr Yiaba is the Director of Love One Another (LOA) Church-Home for Disadvantaged Children in Bo, which is registered with the ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s affairs South and Bo City Council in the Republic of Sierra Leone.  LOA focuses on education, humanitarian assistance and providing consistent child care through sponsorship, foster parent and preventing abuse of children in homes within their communities. 

Pastor Sahr Yiaba is currently caring for many orphaned children, which came as the result of the bloody and senseless, decade-long civil war.  Pastor Sahr Yiaba is overseeing the daily activities of the children and also directs the children's education. 

Because of low funding issues, LOA wishes to transition to a model whereby all of its orphans will be sponsored through the Restore Hope Project’s Orphan Sponsorship Program.  The Restore Hope Project’s Orphan Sponsorship Program is now partnering with this effort to help connect Sponsors like you with the orphans in Bo. 

The Bo Orphans are shown on this page who are in need Sponsorship to support their living, social, educational, health and physical conditions. 

GCPN and the Restore Hope Project Orphan Sponsorship Program work directly with and through local partners in Sierra Leone to ensure the orphan aid is being effectively administered and fully reported.

Thank You!
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